Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

For my Digital Artefact this semester in BCM325, I have been on the UOWcreative team. UOWcreative is a platform that encourages students to share any uni work they are proud of, and bring the University atmosphere to the medium of TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Futurists, or 'futurologists' are people that explore possibilities for the future,... Continue Reading →

Live-tweeting Part 2!

  Interactions The above interaction was one that held the most interest for me during the last several weeks. The movie being analysed in these tweets was 'Ghost in the shell'. The reason this live-tweeting interaction stands out to me is because it is a great example of how engaging with others while live-tweeting, can... Continue Reading →

~My comments on Beta Pitches~

The first Beta pitch I commented on was Jack's, where he is looking at the future of micro-transactions in gaming for his Digital Artefact. In my comment, I wrote about how online learning may result in a lack of motivation, because in his Beta video, he mentioned how he was underwhelmed with the progress he... Continue Reading →

UOWcreative- Project Beta

  My Digital Artefact involves working with the UOWcreative team across the social media platforms Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. UOWcreative is an online platform that assists in replicating the University atmosphere. We do this by encouraging students to share with us any creative work they are proud of, and engage with any content we post.... Continue Reading →

Live-tweeting so far

Each week of Uni, I have been live-tweeting a different movie with my classmates. This began by physically going to UOW for my tutorial, and live-tweeting all together in one room while watching the movie on a big screen in front of us. Amid the spread of Covid-19, this turned into watching the weekly movie... Continue Reading →

Critical analysis of DA Pitches

My Pitch At the start of this semester of Uni, our BCM325 class was asked to think of the grade we aspire to get in the subject. Often, my grades surprise me, whether that is positively or negatively, so what I wrote was that I aspire to do the best I could. After getting my... Continue Reading →

@UOWcreative Pitch

This semester I am part of the UOWcreative team, using platforms Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram. Our main focus is to share and promote creative works by students of Wollongong University. We have content creators, moderators and analysts. Our content creators will brainstorm and curate content each week, whilst our analysts discover what style of posts... Continue Reading →

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