The internet of things

The internet of things is a very hard concept for me to try and wrap my head around. This is due to the fact that it involves everyday household items communicating with each other. For example, the carpet will tell the vacuum that it needs to be cleaned, and the vacuum will respond accordingly. Crazy. […]

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Hacker culture…

A modern day hacker in today’s society is seen to think very highly of him or herself, and that in itself has turned into a meme. a modern day “hacker” may give themselves that title by simply using a computer that is previously already logged into someone else’s Facebook account. Posts such as “I love […]

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Let’s continue to talk about open and closed phone platforms! This has been a debate seemingly since both phones were released. Which software superior? Which leads to the most viruses? And which can I get more out of? All these questions have more than one answer, in which people in favour of either phone company […]