Parking at UOW: Reflection

Having finished this project after a semester of working on it at University, I have come to think of aspects of the research process I may do differently if I were to do it again. In the future, if I were to do this project all over again, the main thing I would do differently […]

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The rules for my game were developed through each play test and observation, moulding to fit what was shown to work most successfully. RECOMMENDED AGE: 7+ RULES Youngest player gets first choice of card. Players are able to trade cards when necessary. A player is not allowed to place a card on the board before […]


Small changes- Big difference

This week was my second time play-testing my game. Last week you remember, I had trouble deciding where and how the cards come into play in the game. How are they dealt to players? This week I now have the answer! By process of elimination. What does this mean exactly? One player holds four cards, […]

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Where do I go from here?

By analysing my ongoing research, it has only been made clearer how much parking impacts the everyday lives of students at university. To make my research task a reality, I would need to grasp the attention of a wider audience. In order to do this I plan to take to twitter and other various forms […]

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What works? What doesn’t?

This week I focused on involving myself with other peoples games rather than play testing my own, so as to grab ideas on what interests people, and what game mechanics seemed to work the best. As I was still in the process of creating my own prototype, I used this week as an opportunity to […]

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Computers or Pirates??

When I realised the time had come to design my own game, without a team to help me, I will admit it, I was very nervous, doubting my own creativity. Ideas flowed so easily within my group game design project that it seemed too good to be true of having that luck on my own. […]

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