An artificial pop-star better than Justin Bieber!?

Who is Hatsune Miku?? Why is there speculation that she may be better than one of the most famous pop-stars in the world; Justin Bieber?

justin mik-who


Well, because she is an animation! She can be bought, remodelled and modified to do whatever we want her to do. Can you say the same for Justin Bieber? No. Justin Bieber is a commodity of which fans do not have control. He is exclusively controlled by his managers as they make him into a product rather than a person. Justin Bieber at best sells 1 album a year, whereas fans have access to Hatsune Miku and what she sings, even how she dances!

Hatsune Miku is a craft, which means a creative process; she was the product of “pulling different elements together to create something new”, as stated by Ted in our lecture this week. If such animations as Hatsune Miku exist and become so widely famous today, what does this mean for the future? This shift in technology has strayed further than ever before from analog to digital and frankly, I don’t like it. This new revolutionary in digital media is changing the world of music in a way that I’m not comfortable with, or ready for in any way. So! In saying all this, I don’t believe Hatsune Miku is a better pop-star than Justin Bieber, or any other live-performer!

animations overriding


Feature image via Wallhaven


2 thoughts on “An artificial pop-star better than Justin Bieber!?

  1. HI Jenna ! I really love this post, i think you structured it really well and your layout is heaps easy to read and follow along. I also love how you disagree with the fact that Hatsune Miku isn’t a better pop star than Justin Bieber, considering your given reasons, and i completely agree! This means literally any animated object could become superior, which is quite worrying for the media future. Keep up the good work xxx

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