Everything is a remix

What is remix culture?

This is the notion that almost everything is a remix of something else. It may be a plot to a movie or book, a song, or just about anything else. Whether subconsciously or not, whilst the brain is coming up with ideas, many of them have spawned from a previous artefact/idea.

Remixed songs. You either love or hate them, and there is rarely ever an in between. I am someone of which does not like songs that have been remixed, as I find it irritating when I start singing along and all of a sudden the lyrics switch to another song!

Furthermore, I did my best at an attempt to create my own remix, but issues of copyright came in between the track and uploading it to Soundcloud. This issue is not only a problem I have to face, but an issue many DJs have to overcome whilst creating mash-ups of songs.

sound brian

The idea that many movies these days are ultimately remixed versions of other movies is odd to me. It causes me to realise just how true this is.

The Star Wars series are a prime example of movies that share a plot and hence become remixes of each other.

Go check out this remix I did of Noah Cyrus, ‘Stay together’ and ‘Make me cry’ (as the site would not let me use ‘Perfect’ by One Direction



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