Is this copyrighted??

Satire can be sued!?

Satire of content is able to be sued for devaluing the original idea… I find this information unsettling and unfair due to the fact that it is in place to censor unpopular opinions; hence disabling people from sharing opinions that are not liked.

As stated in my previous blog post, My attempt at creating a remix of two songs~ ‘Perfect‘: One Direction, and ‘Stay Together‘: Noah Cyrus~ was unable to be uploaded due to potential copyright content.

soundcloudblink guy
If this happens to me on my first go of uploading my creation which mixed 2 different songs together, whilst incorporating original sounds, how do proper DJs get away with it??

Copyright may indeed help artists, authors and directors alike, by ensuring their work is not taken and re-sold by persons uninvolved with the creation process, though it is also making it difficult for new content to be created in this new world of remix culture, where inherently everything is a remix.


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