Locked appliances VS open platforms


Android VS Apple smartphones

The benefits of having a phone with open platforms may seem greater than that of closed platforms, though when you look at the bigger picture in relation to smartphones, I believe closed platforms come out on top! Android consists of an open platform, allowing buyers of the product to be in control of the content they put onto their phone (e.g. apps).  The manufacturer of this product has little control over the content of individual phones and the access the users have to certain sites, meaning the user is free to roam as they wish.

But I believe Apple comes out on top.


You may be thinking, “Is she serious?? She lists all these good qualities about Android and then acknowledges Apple as superior??” And yes, you’re absolutely right! The thing is, the lack of this open platform with an iPhone does not actively affect me. I do everything I want with my Apple iPhone, and am perfectly happy with how it works for me, despite not being able to play Club Penguin on Safari back in the day ((((that is until they released an app for it)))).

Another bonus; iPhones are much less likely to develop viruses thanks to the manufacturers creating them to be a closed platform.


2 thoughts on “ANDROID VS IPHONE

  1. Whilst I do agree iphones are better then androids, all good arguments share the cons and pros of both sides. In saying this I suggest that you share pros and cons of both devices, then conclude with which is better. Besides this I really enjoy the laid back attitude of your blog :))!!


  2. I’m a fully a Apple fans but I want to try android as well. Most people has stereotype that “Apple is more superior than android” which is not true from me. This stereotype happens because you can get android in any phone even the $100 one I believe. but IOS is only working for Apple products. I don’t have any particular things I like about Apple but I just don’t want to learn how to use the whole system again. Imagine you switch from window to Mac


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