Perks of being a Twitter wallflower

Using the official Twitter Analytics site, I have noticed that I don’t engage in Twitter as much as I definitely could. I don’t earn retweets, favourites or even replies very often.

sad pepeppe

I know that in order to create a bigger online persona within the Twitter network, more tweeting~ including live tweeting~ is very much needed. More memes, gifs and witty humour is needed.


I could just become a stunning fitness model who advertises for big brands and companies.

Easier said than done.

I used to be very into the whole twitter aspect of life online, in a time far ago when the One Direction fandom was a vital part of the social media site. I would come up with original content, gain retweets, favourites and replies until slowly the fandom became diminished when One Direction split.

With this obvious impact on the fandom, became an instant impact on my own Twitter account, as a result of the majority of fans reducing their twitter use, including myself.

Therefore, it is easy to say that creating a popular online persona goes along with tweeting about popular topics and opinions.



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