Small changes- Big difference

This week was my second time play-testing my game. Last week you remember, I had trouble deciding where and how the cards come into play in the game. How are they dealt to players? This week I now have the answer! By process of elimination. What does this mean exactly? One player holds four cards, and chooses to keep whichever one he or she believes will most benefit them. They then pass the remaining three cards to the next player. That player then repeats this process until the last person has to keep whichever card they have been left with.

Throughout the game, players are allowed to trade cards in order to suit their strategy and/or get further in the game.


When I play-tested this new mechanic, it made all the difference in the game, and made it much easier to follow and to play. I played this with my family again and it was a much different experience to the last play-test they participated in.

Throughout the play-test, players were constantly developing their own individual strategies to implement and trading cards whenever necessary. These new game mechanics proved to add a new exciting aspect to the game. Overall, I am very happy with where my game is at.



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