~My comments on Beta Pitches~

The first Beta pitch I commented on was Jack’s, where he is looking at the future of micro-transactions in gaming for his Digital Artefact. In my comment, I wrote about how online learning may result in a lack of motivation, because in his Beta video, he mentioned how he was underwhelmed with the progress he had made so far. I feel like this is relatable and how many students may be feeling this year. Due to this lack in motivation, I mentioned that it is good he has changed his DA to a topic he holds interest for, as I find it is easier to stay motivated when you are enjoying the research process, and content you are producing!

The video I linked is to Part 2 of the week 3 lecture, as Jack’s whole DA incorporates a futurist mindset, and therefore this lecture may be beneficial when getting in the right mindset for his project and research. I researched his topic myself and found articles that may also assist him in his curation of data. I believe that for Jack’s DA, the curation of past data regarding micro- transactions in gaming, is equally as important as predicting future micro-transactions in gaming. I urged Jack to consider two questions that would be interesting for him to answer and incorporate into his final project! I hope to see these questions answered, and think they will be beneficial to his DA.


Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 7.14.25 pm


The next Beta pitch I commented on was Josh’s, and his Digital Artefact is a portfolio of his literary academia work on various platforms. The first comment I made on this post failed to post when I clicked post, and then disappeared completely, and due to not having an eidetic memory, I then had to try writing my comment all over again *sigh*. But through commenting twice it meant I grasped a better understanding of his DA, and could target specific areas of his post, with more confidence. Josh’s DA is what he aspires to do in the future, stating multiple times that he would love to make this his job if that becomes possible! I wrote that he is smart for planning for the future as he is. After grasping an understanding of his DA, and the content he produces, I noticed that his writing style he used within his blog post is spot-on for the content he will make. I included a Wendell Bell quote in my comment as it may relate to how he feels about his content. I linked Wendell Bell’s various work in my comment as I noticed he hadn’t fully committed to any specific lecture topic, and Wendell Bell has work that I believe would be very beneficial to Josh, if he chooses to incorporate it into his DA at all. I then linked the lecture I spoke of in my comment, hoping to assist him in finding a topic relating to his DA.

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The third Beta pitch I commented on was a ‘Pythia project’. He wants to help develop role-playing game (RPG) assets.  He is using twitch as a main platform which is very accurate and a good platform overall for the content he has been producing. Futurology was mentioned in his Beta pitch video multiple times, and I ensured to comment my support of this topic in terms of his content. I then included a quote from the appropriate lecture that I believe can be beneficial to the way his RPG is created, and may inspire further research to aid his DA. I then researched his topic and found a Futurology reddit page that can assist his process of making his RPG relevant and relatable to what is being said in regard to his chosen topic. I included a direct quote from the page that states exactly what the reddit page incorporates, as a way to try and promote his use of the page and get his attention. I again linked the relevant lecture video that explains futurology and should be studied closer when producing content.

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I went into commenting on my peers’ Beta pitches with a different perspective than the last peer comments I made. Coming to the end of the semester, I feel as if I have definitely gained deeper insight into the lecture content and materials, and am therefore able to apply different lecture content to projects that may benefit from it!

I believe my comments on my Peers’ Beta pitches were more in-depth and helpful than my first round of comments on the initial project pitches. This time, I ensured I related each of my comments back to the relevant lecture material, along with at least one other link to an article or website that I believe would aid their research or progress with their DA. I took on board feedback I got from my last blog about peer comments, and made the appropriate shift in my style of feedback. I kept my feedback motivational and informative, and hope that any of my comments help even a little bit! I am appreciative of the knowledge gained in each lecture, and enjoy being able to relate peers’ projects back to each topic!


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