Locked appliances VS open platforms AKA Android VS Apple smartphones The benefits of having a phone with open platforms may seem greater than that of closed platforms, though when you look at the bigger picture in relation to smartphones, I believe closed platforms come out on top! Android consists of an open platform, allowing buyers […]


Is this copyrighted??

Satire can be sued!? Satire of content is able to be sued for devaluing the original idea… I find this information unsettling and unfair due to the fact that it is in place to censor unpopular opinions; hence disabling people from sharing opinions that are not liked. As stated in my previous blog post, My […]

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Everything is a remix

What is remix culture? This is the notion that almost everything is a remix of something else. It may be a plot to a movie or book, a song, or just about anything else. Whether subconsciously or not, whilst the brain is coming up with ideas, many of them have spawned from a previous artefact/idea. […]

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Trajectories of convergence

Though I regularly spend hours scrolling through my Facebook feed, posting on Twitter and Instagram, and watching pointless videos on YouTube, these media sites can barely be called alternative, as they are very much mainstream. In saying this, there are small, alternative sites in which I do occasionally engage in. One alternative media site I engage […]

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