Perks of being a Twitter wallflower

Using the official Twitter Analytics site, I have noticed that I don’t engage in Twitter as much as I definitely could. I don’t earn retweets, favourites or even replies very often. I know that in order to create a bigger online persona¬†within the Twitter network, more tweeting~ including live tweeting~ is very much needed. More […]

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Locked appliances VS open platforms AKA Android VS Apple smartphones The benefits of having a phone with open platforms may seem greater than that of closed platforms, though when you look at the bigger picture in relation to smartphones, I believe closed platforms come out on top! Android consists of an open platform, allowing buyers […]


Is this copyrighted??

Satire can be sued!? Satire of content is able to be sued for devaluing the original idea… I find this information unsettling and unfair due to the fact that it is in place to censor unpopular opinions; hence disabling people from sharing opinions that are not liked. As stated in my previous blog post, My […]

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Everything is a remix

What is remix culture? This is the notion that almost everything is a remix of something else. It may be a plot to a movie or book, a song, or just about anything else. Whether subconsciously or not, whilst the brain is coming up with ideas, many of them have spawned from a previous artefact/idea. […]

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