The Pitch!

The different roles played in producing the prototype pitch for our creation ‘Restaurant race!’ were each equally important and successfully conducted. My roles included creating a backstory for our game, and also developing strategies that players may want to look into and implement whilst playing the game themselves. The backstory of the game we created […]

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Rules of the restaurant race!

With a good game comes a decent set of rules, and in turn, interesting game mechanics. Rules enable the game to involve strategy and avoid cheating. Within the game I have previously blogged about; ‘Restaurant Race’, my team and I have come up with various rules and game mechanics to help ensure this game is […]

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Restaurant Race!

Myself and three peers have designed a board game, with much time discussing it dedicated to the background narrative, and overall story being played. The theme for our game we came up with is restaurant based. This idea to us is an original and exciting game of strategy. The storyline of the game is easy […]

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In-class gaming

In class I participated in playing 3 seperate games. This is as a result of us being unable to grasp the concept of each game fully enough to focus on solely one. The first game we attempted to play was called Kodama. This game was based around the idea of growing a tree, and earning […]

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The internet of things

The internet of things is a very hard concept for me to try and wrap my head around. This is due to the fact that it involves everyday household items communicating with each other. For example, the carpet will tell the vacuum that it needs to be cleaned, and the vacuum will respond accordingly. Crazy. […]

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