The rules for my game were developed through each play test and observation, moulding to fit what was shown to work most successfully.



  1. Youngest player gets first choice of card.
  2. Players are able to trade cards when necessary.
  3. A player is not allowed to place a card on the board before they have reached that point- they must follow the order their board takes them.
  4. Players are not able to move from their individual board.
  5. Cards are not allowed to be stolen from other players when a trade is not taking place.


  1. Set up game boards so that the ‘memory’ card slots of each are in the middle.
  2. Seperate the ‘Circuit cards’ and ‘Part cards’ into two seperate piles and shuffle.
  3. Each player must choose their own token- this will be what they move across the board to progress in the game.
  4. Four cards (three if three people are playing etc.) are given to the youngest player. This player then must decide which card to keep for them self, passing the remaining three cards to the person to their left.
  5. This process continues in a clockwise direction until each player is holding a card.
  6. Players must place appropriate card in place in order to move forward.
  7. If a player does not have their desired card, they may trade with another player.
  8. If all players are unable to progress, another card drawing will take place.
  9. Whichever player first makes it to the memory wins!



These rules and mechanics work together to create a successful, engaging game for friends and family to play together.



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